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Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg a.s.b.l.

“Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg” Association was registered in 2020 on the basis of the non-formal group „Foreign Students of Luxembourg“ (FSL) which was created in 2013.

The main objectives of the Association are:

– To establish, promote and support social awareness regarding the importance of education with a view of strengthening skills and capacities.

– To promote education and awareness that contribute to the development of personality.

The objectives will be realized through the following activities:

  1. a) International education, youth and cultural exchanges on awareness-raising, in particular in the field of human rights education, participation and citizenship, intercultural dialogue, integration and peace;
  2. b) Promotion of science and research;
  3. c) Support to the art-science dialogue as a means and expression of a sustainable transfer of knowledge;
  4. d) Strengthening European and international cooperation, also in cooperation with other professional and public bodies on this subject.