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LABEL – Lux Afro-Black Excellence Leaders a.s.b.l.

LABEL is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering cultural diversity, community engagement, and youth empowerment. Our mission is to create inclusive spaces that celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures within our community, with a significant representation in the 19-29 age range. We achieve this through a variety of programs and events that promote cultural exchange, artistic expression, and educational opportunities.

One of our flagship initiatives, the BLOCCS (Build, Learn, Opportunity, Cultural, Community, Sharing) event, brings together diverse members of our community for a day of cultural performances, workshops, and vendor showcases. By facilitating these interactions, we aim to build stronger community bonds and provide a platform for young people to thrive.

LABEL is committed to creating sustainable, impactful programs that not only enrich the lives of participants but also contribute to the overall well-being and cohesion of the broader community. With a focus on the diverse age range of our participants, we are building out more programs directed particularly those aged 12-29, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of all community members.